Each STOP STICK is 3 feet (91cm) in length and weighs 1.1 pounds (.516kg).  STOP STICK is comprised of the following components and sub-assemblies:

  • 36 Teflon® coated hardened steel QUILLS; 1 7/8 inches(4.76cm) in length, assembled in three rows of 12
  • 72 Teflon® coated steel SPIKE TIPS, 3/8 inches (.95cm in length, inserted into each end of all QUILLS.)
The tip and quill assembly
  • The polymer CORE, is encased in a TARTAN tape glass filament FRAME, to contain the QUILL/SPIKE TIP assemblies during impact
A look at the inside of a Stop Stick®
  • A polypropylene HOUSING, to contain the inner subassemblies and to protect the officer from injury while handling the STOP STICK
  • Molded polymer END CAPS


Reusable nylon SLEEVE.(9ft or 12ft)
CORD REEL with 80 feet (24m) of 150 pound (68kg) test braided polyester cord.
MOUNTING TRAY, designed for trunk mounting with reflective STOP STICK sticker.
Optional: Storage Bag

Two WARNING LABELS appear on each STOP STICK.  Be sure to READ AND FOLLOW all safety messages on-product and in this lesson!  If you haven’t seen these warnings before, turn to the last page of this lesson plan to read these important messages.