Introduction Test

STOP STICK® is one in a series of law enforcement tools offered by Stop Stick Limited, to assist law enforcement agencies in stopping and preventing vehicle pursuits. Deployment of STOP STICKS in the deployment sleeve with the retractable cord reel attached is the sole recommended method for deployment of STOP STICK®.

Any officer authorized to deploy STOP STICKS must be properly trained in this deployment method.

Under no circumstances should a deploying officer enter the roadway to deploy or retrieve STOP STICKS

Your safety and the safety of others are very important. Watch for these symbols during the video they indicate important safety messages to alert you to potential hazards. And instruct you on how to avoid, or how reduce the hazard.

STOP STICK® is a Pursuit Control Device.
Since it is used on the move. You must make every effort possible to advise pursuing units when and where STOP STICK is being deployed. Refer to your agency’s pursuit policy for more information